The former Human Resources office space on the second floor of the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board Headquarters Building was undersized, had no natural daylight, and was in a remote location from the main entry.

MPRB employs a large workforce and has an in-flux of over 1,000 seasonal employees. By relocating the HR department to the first floor near the main entry, HR is better able to serve current staff and people visiting for the first time.

McMonigal Architects worked closely with MPRB to design the 3,700 SF space to meet the needs of the HR department, especially for visual and acoustic privacy. The space includes a separate waiting area, reception, two conference rooms, three offices, an open office with 10 workstations, copier area, secured file storage, break area, and IT room. New and existing furnishings were coordinated. The open office is located at the windows to benefit the most number of staff.

Because sound privacy was critical to the HR staff, sound transmission class (STC) ratings were studied for partitions, and several interior glass demountable systems were researched and considered for the three offices. Without the ability to have exterior windows, the offices feel brighter with the demountable systems.

Staff security was a concern, and the design incorporated two staff entry/exits separate from the public access.

The project had accessibility upgrades including the replacement of the front concrete walk, relocation of door openers, and placement of 7 accessible parking spaces and adjacent aisles. The front awning was repaired and the canopy was replaced.