As veterans in this business, you’d expect us to follow a detailed process. While too comprehensive to share in its entirety here, our process is flexible to allow for creativity along the way.

Phase 1: Programming, Site Planning, Field Measuring and Base Drawings

Called programming, we start by meeting with you to discuss specific criteria related to your lifestyle, site, schedule, and budget. You can share images and ideas to help us understand your goals.We next evaluate the site and how it relates to your program goals. For renovations, we field measure and prepare base drawings of the existing structure. A survey of the property and zoning requirements are collected and studied.

Phase 2: Schematic Design and Design Development

Schematic design concepts show how spaces relate to each other and the site. Rough floor plans and sketches are developed and costs are estimated. Together we discuss options, pros and cons, and coalesce the design. Your feedback and material selections guide our design development to show construction materials, finishes, and structural systems. We begin designing millwork, cabinets, lighting, and exterior details. Interior and exterior transition spaces, such as terraces and decks, are also developed.

Phase 3: Construction Documents – Working Drawings and Specifications

Construction documents translate the design into technical language for the contractor. The working drawings describe information needed to build the project. The specifications cover the quality of work, basic standards of workmanship, bidding requirements, and general conditions of the contract.

Phase 4: Bidding and Negotiation

Construction documents are given to qualified general contractors to obtain competitive bids or negotiated proposals. During bidding, we answer questions, clarify information, and revise the documents.

Phase 5: Construction Administration

During construction, we serve as your advocate. The contractor obtains permits and oversees construction. As the project progresses, we visit the site to review the work and monthly certificates of payment to the contractor. We answer questions, clarify the design intent, and review shop drawings. When the project is substantially complete, we walk-through and prepare a punch list of items to be completed.