Prior to purchasing, the client brainstormed with us the potential for the house as family needs changed.  Because the house is small, every bit of space is utilized for this family with four children.  The phases were often in response to their growing family, but each time they made a conscious decision to not overbuild, to select quality over quantity of space, and to retain a comfortable size for when the children are gone.    


  1. Playhouse:  With no garage, a two-story structure was designed with room for storage such as kid’s bikes, gardening tools and trash on the bottom floor, and a playhouse on the top floor.
  2. Basement:  Remodel space for family room, computer/study area, bath, laundry and children’s bedroom.
  3. Porch:  Restore front porch and make 3-season, and landscape the front yard.
  4. Addition:  Expand back of the house for kitchen and bedroom above, remodel dining and living rooms.
  5. Lot Change:  After neighboring house burned down, the lot was subdivided between our client and the neighbor on the other side.  
  6. Garage and Office:  Utilizing partial lot from next door, a new garage was built with a covered walkway to the house.  An office space was incorporated over garage, allowing work from home.