After a devastating fire destroyed their late 1800s home, the owners decided to rebuild.  Much of their beautiful rural Grant Township site is in a flood plain with setbacks that limit buildable area.  The new house is at the edge of this protected zone, and raised higher to reduce flooding risk and improve views over the marsh.  The compact square house was carefully positioned to save a 120 foot tall Douglas Fir and other landmark trees.  Detaching the garage allows the house to have more windows.  The house was designed to maximize daylight and cross ventilation, and optimize exposure for the roof-mounted solar panels.

The upper band of corrugated steel reflects the sky, while the earthen color of the lower band of cedar siding ties the structure to the land.

Their self-described quirky collection of contemporary and antique furnishings feel at home with the modern and rustic design.  A combination of wood, metal, and concrete, and a range of ceiling heights creates a relaxed vibe.  Most spaces are on the first floor so the owners can age-in-place, while the smaller second floor includes a bedroom, bath, and loft.