On the Wisconsin shore of Lake Superior, the site is heavily wooded and slightly sloping from the road with a steep bank down to the lake.  The house is placed in a narrow zone defined by the lake and road setbacks.  The natural beauty is preserved with minimal disturbance to the site.  

Designed as a year-round retreat, the house serves to renew one’s mind, body, and spirit.  The concept of slowing down, simplifying, and embracing the surrounding natural landscape was a primary goal.  

A four foot module provides a rhythmic organization to spaces.  The house has a super-insulated envelope including a continuous insulated concrete mass wall.  Large windows open the indoors to the lake and woods.  

The affordable, sustainable home has 2 floors, a compact 1500 sf, with room to sleep 10.  The single bath has 3 compartments to accommodate multiple users.  Economical materials are celebrated with a utilitarian aesthetic.